How to programme the Yale Smart Latch

The Keyless Connected Smart Lock

The Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock offers a modern solution to home security, eliminating the need for physical keys. With this innovative lock, losing keys becomes a concern of the past. Unlike traditional locks, the Keyless Connected Smart Lock provides versatile locking options: use a PIN code, key card, key tag, remote fob, or even your smartphone through the Yale Home App, once paired with a separately sold Yale Smart Lock Module.

This smart lock ensures security with bank-level encryption, incorrect PIN code protections, and an 80dB tamper alarm that activates if someone attempts unauthorized access, serving as an additional deterrent. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with leading voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to ask, “Alexa, is my front door locked?”

Unlock Additional Features with a Yale Smart Lock Module

Enhance your smart lock experience with a Yale Smart Lock Module. This addition lets you check in from anywhere globally, grant virtual keys, view your lock/unlock history, and receive real-time notifications if your door is unexpectedly unlocked. Choose between the Yale Sync Module, ideal if you own the Yale Sync Smart Alarm, or the Yale Access Module and Connect Wi-Fi Bridge if you don’t. These features are accessible via the Yale Home App, enabling you to secure, monitor, and manage home access through your mobile device.

With the power of remote control, you can send virtual keys to friends and family, allowing them access when you’re away. Track who enters and exits your home, and know when loved ones arrive safely. Virtual keys can be scheduled or made permanent, giving you ultimate control. The app also allows you to manage access by disabling or deleting users as needed.

Note: A Sync Module or Access Module and Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge are required to access these features. These products are sold separately.

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