Our Price Guide for 2024

Do not make the mistake of assuming that a task completed swiftly should come at a low cost. You are compensating for the extensive hours of training, the investments made in tools, and the expertise of the locksmith, rather than the mere minutes spent on executing the job.

–all prices include VAT–

At Vos Locksmiths, we operate without a call-out fee. If you approve and we can resolve the issue immediately, our charge is only £65 for the initial 45 minutes, typically adequate for completing the job. It’s important to mention that we waive the call-out fee for non-emergency situations, but emergency call-outs may still carry a fee.

Similarly, for lock installations, we adhere to predetermined fixed prices, regardless of the time it takes us to complete the task. Typically, we offer you a selection of locks with varying levels of quality and security, each accompanied by its corresponding price. This ensures that you have the option to choose the lock and security system that best suits your needs. We prioritize transparency by providing clear information about any charges you may incur during our service.

How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

The typical hourly rate for hiring a locksmith ranges from £55 to £110. In addition, there is usually a minimum call-out charge ranging from £30 to £95. However, it’s worth noting that Vos Locksmiths waive the call-out charge for non-emergency situations, although emergency call-outs may still incur a fee.

A quick breakdown of Vos Locksmiths call out charges:
FREE call-out fee:During normal business hours, specifically between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., there are no call-out charges. Our pricing structure is as follows: a fixed fee of £65 for the first 45 minutes, and an additional charge of £55 per hour thereafter. It’s important to note that the cost of materials used for the job will be additional.
After 8 p.m.:We have a fixed call-out charge of £65, which covers the first 45 minutes with an additional charge of £55 per hour thereafter of labour. This charge applies during normal business hours.
In the case of requiring a locksmith outside of regular business hours (after 8 pm), there is a separate rate. The cost for hiring a 24-hour locksmith during these out-of-hours times is £85 for the initial 45 minutes, with an additional charge of £55 per hour thereafter.
After midnight:We impose a standard call-out fee of £45, which covers the initial hour of labour. For locksmith services required during non-business hours, the charges are as follows: £95 for the first 45 minutes after midnight and £55 for each subsequent hour.
  1. Different lock types
  2. Prices to Change & Replace Locks
  3. Prices to Unlock House & Open Door
  4. Prices to Repair Locks
  5. Prices of Door Locks – Cost of locks without labour (inc BS3621)
  6. Hourly Locksmith Labour Prices
  7. Emergency Locksmith Prices – Includes 24 hour

Different lock types

A Night Latch is a typical lock often seen on residential front doors. These locks are installed on doors that swing inward and are mounted on the inner surface of the door. When the door is closed, the night latch automatically secures the door shut.

A mortise is a groove or slot carved into the front edge of a wooden or metal door. Therefore, a mortise lock is installed within this slot rather than being attached on the surface. After installation, the only visible component of a mortise lock is the forfend, which becomes apparent when the door is open.

Rim cylinders are customarily installed with night latches on exterior doors. They are engineered to be unlocked from the outside with a key and operated internally by a lever. If a lock is compromised, such as losing a key or needing to enhance security, a rim cylinder lock can be easily swapped out with the night latch.

A Euro cylinder denotes the lock’s profile—a cylindrical design that can accommodate up to eleven pins within its core. Typically fitted to UPVC doors, it’s also referred to as a euro lock barrel or euro profile lock cylinder, emphasizing the lock’s shape.

Prices to Change Locks

The expenses associated with changing locks can vary. For a basic euro lock cylinder, the starting cost can be around £85, while replacing a mortice lock can range around £115. The total price for replacing a lock depends on factors such as the lock type, brand, security standard, and whether any call-out charges are included in the overall cost.

The following estimated locksmith prices reflect the charges for changing and replacing various lock types, including front and back door locks, uPVC door locks, patio door locks, window locks, and garage locks.

Locksmith Job TypePrice EstimateTime to Complete Job
(approx time)
Changing a Standard euro cylinder lock on uPVC doorfrom £85from 20 minutes
Changing an Anti-snap euro cylinder on uPVC doorfrom £110from 20 minutes
Changing a Mortice lock* (deadlock or sash lock)from £115from 30 minutes
Replacing a Night Latch (Yale Lock) on a wooden doorfrom £90from 30 minutes
Changing a Rim Cylinderfrom £70from 20 minutes
Replacing a Patio door lockfrom £90from 30 minutes
Replacing a Garage door lockfrom £80from 30 minutes
Fit a uPVC Door Handlefrom £90from 30 minutes

*Replacing a mortice lock may necessitate modifications to the door to ensure proper fitting, as mortice locks are manufactured in different sizes.

The price range to unlock and access a locked door can begin at £70. However, the cost may differ depending on factors such as the type of lock and door involved, as certain locks may be more challenging to open than others. Additionally, certain door types may feature multiple locks, necessitating the opening of two locks.

Outlined below are estimated prices for our services, which include unlocking your house and gaining entry, as well as the costs associated with replacing lost keys or extracting broken keys from the door.

Locksmith Job TypePrice EstimateTime to Complete Job
(approx time)
Locked out – unlock house & open door to gain entry
(opening Mortice Lock, Rim Lock & Euro Lock)
from £70from 30 minutes
Remove broken/snapped key to open doorfrom £55from 30 minutes
Replace lost keys to house*from £80from 1 hour

Price to Repair Locks
The cost of repairing a faulty or damaged door or window lock can range from £45 for repairing an internal door lock to £65 for a front or back door lock. The price for fixing a lock will vary based on factors such as the time required for repairs, the need for replacement parts, and the specific type of lock involved.

Lock RepairPrice Estimate
Repair Front or Back Door Lockfrom £65
Repair Internal Door Lock (Bedroom/Bathroom)from £45
Repair uPVC Door Lockfrom £65
Repair uPVC Gearbox
(cheaper to replace than repair)
from £65
Repair uPVC Window Lockfrom £55
Repair Door Handlefrom £40
Repair Patio Door Lockfrom £65
Repair Garage Door Lockfrom £55

The starting price for a basic cylinder lock for a uPVC door, excluding labour charges, is £20. If you’re looking for a BS3621 Mortice deadlock, the cost can range from £30 to £90. For a Night latch that is BS3621 approved, the estimated price range is as follows:

Please note that the following prices are estimates and do not include any labour costs:

Lock TypePrice Estimate
Cost Without Labour
Budget Euro Cylinder Lock
( commonly used on uPVC doors )
from £20
Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock
( commonly used on uPVC doors )
from £50
3 Lever Mortice Deadlockfrom £20
5 Lever Mortice Deadlockfrom £25
5 Lever Mortice Deadlock BS3621from £55
3 Lever Mortice Sash Lock from £20
5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock from £25
5 Lever Mortice Sash Lock BS3621 from £55
Night Latch (Yale Lock)
( commonly used on wooden doors )
from £40
BS3621 Night Latch (Yale Lock)
( commonly used on wooden doors )
from £85
uPVC Door Lock Replacement
( full Multipoint lock strip )
from £40 to £300+
Rim Cylinder from £10from £15
British Standard Rim Cylinder from £25
Patio Door Lock from £15
Garage Door Lock from £20
Window Lock from £20

How much do we charge per hour?

Our hourly labour rate starts at approximately £65. Subsequent hours on-site are charged at a reduced price. For the first 45 minutes, the cost is £65, and for the second hour and beyond, it reduces to £55.

Typically, locksmith tasks like lock fitting and lock changes can be finished within an hour. However, repair jobs may require additional time to complete.

Hourly Prices for an Emergency Locksmith (Out of Hours)

When it comes to the hourly rate of an emergency locksmith operating outside regular office hours, you can anticipate a starting price of approximately £85 per hour. However, it is important to note that prices are likely to be higher after midnight and during weekends.

Additionally, the hourly labour fees for a locksmith may vary depending on the distance they need to travel.

London Locksmith Hourly Prices

In London, the labour charges for a locksmith typically start from £75 per hour.

Due to additional expenses like congestion and parking charges, the cost of hiring a locksmith in London might be slightly higher compared to other locations in the UK

London Prices for an Emergency Locksmith (Out Of Hours)

The hourly rate for an emergency locksmith in London starts at £95 per hour and increases to £120 per hour after midnight. It’s important to consider weekends, bank holidays, Christmas, and New Year, as there may be additional price adjustments during these periods.

How much does a 24-Hour Locksmith Cost?

The pricing for a locksmith who operates 24 hours a day, particularly during non-standard working hours, starts at £85 per hour after 8 pm. However, the cost may increase to £95 per hour after midnight. The overall expense of engaging a 24-hour locksmith is contingent on various factors, including the specific time of day and whether it falls on a weekend or a bank holiday.

How much does an Emergency Locksmith Cost?

During regular working hours, the hourly rate for hiring an emergency locksmith starts at £65. Since most locksmiths provide a mobile service, the charges for emergency locksmiths are typically on par with those of standard locksmiths, without any additional call-out fees.

When hiring an emergency locksmith, you will be responsible for covering their labour costs as well as the expenses incurred for any necessary parts.

The Price of an Emergency Locksmith

The expenses associated with hiring an emergency locksmith can be broken down as follows:

  1. Nature of the Job

The duration of the locksmith’s work can vary depending on the type of emergency job. For instance, simply opening a locked door will generally cost less compared to changing and installing an anti-snap lock cylinder on a front door or replacing the entire locking mechanism.

  1. Timing and Date

Late Nights and Weekends: Hiring an emergency locksmith at 11 pm on a Monday night might be more affordable than hiring one at the same time on a Saturday night.

Bank Holidays: Seeking locksmith services on a bank holiday will likely result in higher costs.

Christmas Eve/Day or New Year: Prices are likely to increase during these festive periods compared to regular days.

  1. Call-Out Charges/Fees

Call-out charges typically encompass a fee for the locksmith’s attendance at the work site, including an initial period spent on-site.

In some cases, call-out charges only cover the cost of the locksmith’s arrival, particularly for long-distance situations.

It is advisable to inquire beforehand about any applicable call-out charges and verify the specific services included in the fee.

How much is a locksmith call out charge fee?

When you engage the services of a locksmith or an emergency locksmith, many of them will waive the call-out fee, and any charges incurred will typically encompass the initial hour of labour.

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