ABS Euro Key and Turn Cylinders British Standard

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ABS cylinders are the original snap resistant cylinder meeting Secured by Design, Sold Secure Diamond and TS007 3* standards. The break secure technology on ABS cylinders ensures the cam remains in place if the cylinder is attacked.

The new ABS Quantum Thumbturn now allows for full compatibility with latch locking doors. This ensures that no matter what position the thumb turn has been left in when the door has been closed the key will still be able to open the door from the outside.

If ABS is snap attacked from the outside, Active Snap Protection is triggered and the cam is locked into position to prevent the door from being opened. To open the door after a lock snapping attack, the thumb turn is pushed in to rotate and safely open and close the door from the inside.

*Please note: A 30mm size barrel does not have the kitemark stamp as it is physically smaller and does not have the snap sacrificial line.

When choosing a cylinder the size will determine the turn and snap sides of the barrel. Example: T35/45S means that the turn is on the 35mm side and the 45mm side is anti-snap.

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16 Anti-drill pins
6 Trap pins for pick resistance
Magnetic anti-bump system
Quantum Thumbturn
Comes with 3 magnetic dimple keys – Choice of 4 different colour heads
Anti-Snap with sacraficial section, excluding 30mm external side
Patented Snap Secure Active Cam Technology
Available Keyed Alike
Security Card
British Kitemark – KM586153 TSS007:2014 (3 Star Rated)
BS EN1303 2005 Approved
Meets the requirements of Sold Secure Diamond
Secured by Design (Police Preferred Specification)
Corrosion resistance: Meets requirements of BS EN1670:2007 – Grade Class

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Size T

T30/30S, T35/35S, T35/45S, T35/55S, T40/40S, T40/50S, T45/35S, T45/45S, T45/50S, T45/55S, T50/40S, T50/45S, T50/50S, T50/50S, T55/35S, T55/45S, T55/50S



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